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  1. Great explanation as to why you don’t make harnesses for modified Willys. Keep ’em original is my thought as well.

  2. Thanks for the informative video. I have a 1962 Willys Wagon and a 1969 Jeepster Commando that need one of your harnesses. Nice work!

  3. I have installed your harnesses on a CJ2A and Willys 4WD Truck, and I have to say they are very good. The devil is always in the details, and you have done a good job of getting the details right.
    I would offer this suggestion for your video: Show a bit of the research and construction process. Like a lot of things, it isn’t as easy as it may seem. Many of the folks I have talked to on the subject simply can’t see the value received for the price of your harnesses. Those individuals were, without exception, people who have never tried to build a harness to replicate one designed, built, and installed before they were old enough to know wire cutters from toenail clippers. They have no idea of the knowledge, skills, and plain old work involved.

  4. Jerry Alderfer Reply

    I have a Walck harness in my ’46 CJ 2A when we did a frame off resto 16 years ago. It still functions and looks like new! Great craftsmanship!

    • Robin Walck Reply

      We’re THRILLED to hear that Jerry – thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Dave Camisa Reply

    Excellent explanation of restoring the wiring. Great job. It’s helpful in getting a better understanding on what to expect on my ’49 wagon project.

  6. Steve S. 54 CJ3B Reply

    I bought my wire harness from Carl and it was easy to follow the instructions and it looks great just like original cloth covered wire

  7. We took our 3A back to stock and used a Walck wiring harness. It was exceptional in both the fit and finish. No surprises – just worked through the various “input/output” wiring to/from the various components. Functionality was 100%. This harness was critical to the great final outcome of our restoration – thanks Walck for fabricating these harnesses

  8. Frank Frain Reply

    Thanks for putting this together for us and please keep them coming. This clearly explains areas that might be in question.

  9. Dick Eddinger Reply

    It is great that you make the wire harness just like the stock one’s. Thank you.

  10. Mark McDaniel Reply

    Thanks Carl, us Jeep owners are lucky to have you around.

  11. George Johnson Reply

    Sounds like great information I have always bought from Carl and he’s a great guy

  12. The harness that I bought from Walcks for my FC-170 Jeep fit exactly and was easy to install. I wouldn’t go any other way! Thanks guys…

  13. Nice job Carl I have gained a lot of in-site by watching your videos and by talking to you on the phone, thanks for sharing your endless knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  14. we bought new wireing harrnes from Walcks works great thanks


  15. Philip Ross Reply

    Is the CJ-2A Harness for horn on fender with turn signals compatible with a single wire alternator?

    • Robin Walck Reply

      Phone the shop so we can make sure you get what you need Philip!

  16. tony willems Reply

    what i like about you guys (dad and son) team, the way it all started out, long time ago.
    from small beginnings, by long hours and dedication, to what now had become a family
    business. eh , this is just what i think happened , looking at it from about 3000 miles away. never been at your place, but seen pictures from street view and then with your instruction lesson,s. the inside off your added on buildings .

  17. I used Carl’s wiring harness to build a “custom” Jeep; it started out as a rust bucket CJ3B but was so bad all I could use was the frame rails, front axle, transmission and transfer case housings. All else went to the dump.
    I replaced the body with a CJ3A tub kit; I prefer the lower hood. The wiring harness fit and worked perfectly. I really appreciated that fact that the original ends, terminals and light sockets were just as they should be.
    I did install a small block Chevy (283 w/2bbl Rochester carb) using an adapter I saved for over 39 yrs from my 4WD shop I used to run in the 70s.
    Overall I am very happy with the support and attention I received from Walck’s 4WD. They were always easy to work with, knew better what I needed (I had forgotten a LOT) than I did. I say all this because it is extremely hard to get this kind of service for someone living in Alaska.

    • Robin Walck Reply

      We’d love to get some photos of your project!!!

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