Jeep Radiator Shrouds | Part 2


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  1. you are a handsome guy, Carl, but I’d like to see more examples instead of your talking head! Justjabbing you, but I would have liked to see more shrouds, you know.

  2. I have a1949 Jeepster and it doesn’t have a shroud on it ,should it have one and do you make one to fit????

  3. Steve Lomske Reply

    Purchased your shroud,put shroud back on, fan hit bottom of shroud so had to modify it. 1946 CJ-2A, no big deal, engine does’t seem to be running any cooler. Temp. is running over well over 200-220 F. @ 50 MPH. I think I have a bad radiator cap (Cap does not have a cork casket, just brass rim.) or lacks a casket that is not maintaining the radiator pressure. What should the normal high temp. range be? Should radiator cap have a cork or rubber casket? Cap is original. Any suggestions?

  4. Charlie Saguier Reply

    Fantastic !!
    Well done .
    I bought the extension and works perfect !

    • Robin Walck Reply

      THANKS so much! Happy it’s working out for you.

  5. Joe W Burkhamer Reply

    I bought one of the reproduction shrouds for my L-226 and it made a world of difference in how hot the engine would get during the summer months. The temp gauge would always go past normal but now it stays right where it is supposed be .

    • Robin Walck Reply

      We sure do hear this often! This is exactly why we’re having these parts made. These things break off and go missing… and then everyone wonders why the temp gauge is all over the place. WHOOOPS!

      Glad we got the fix you needed!

  6. Jeff Lavie Reply

    Great video on great products I’m buying from you since 1993, looks you have a new shop? I like the old brick style. Looking forward to pay a visist next time I come to the US

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